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What are we Learning

Monday Night


This is the 2024 Monday night class playlist of dances. 


This is the 2023 Monday night class playlist of dances. 

Tuesday Night


This is the 2024 Tuesday night class playlist of dances. 

Wednesday Night


This is the 2024 Wednesday night class playlist of dances. 

Some Dances we do to different music. 

Elvira - Cold Heart by Elton John & Dua Lipa

Feels Like Gold Ez - Country Boys by James Johnston

K is for Kicks - Good Things by Kaylee Bell

98.6 - Back Then Right Now by Tyler Hubbard

My First Steps - We Got History (Syn Cole Remix) Michael Tenpenny

The idea behind changing the original music is for our Dance Parties. This way more people can get on the floor to dance. The songs selected have harder dances to them, so this allows the more experienced dances to get on the floor along with our beginners. 

Choreography from the Tropical Boots Dancers. As we are currently a new group with myself (Trent) being the only experienced choreographer I have listed some of my dances. 

As I always say, Have fun and Enjoy

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