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Trent Duncan

When I was 13 (1994), I stumbled upon line dancing for the first time at a local bowling club in Forster, NSW. It was my cousin's birthday bash, and there was this lively dance social happening. The energy was contagious, and I couldn't help but get drawn into the fun.


After that night, I was hooked. My mum and I decided to

give line dancing a try, and we signed up for classes not

long after. Sure, I had two left feet at first, but with time and

practice, I found my own rhythm and style.


In the late '90s, I dipped my toes into the world of line

dance competitions. It was nerve-wracking but also

exhilarating, especially when competing alongside my

mum in different categories. We made some great

memories together.


I also started dabbling in choreography, creating dances

like "Let's Go Girls" to the tunes of Shania Twain. Seeing

others enjoy my choreography was a real thrill. I have since gone on to choreograph more dances in recent times such as; Ghosted, Where the Wild Things Are,, Have a Good Time, Shake Your Boots, Down here, Honky Tonk Hubby and more. Some of these I have worked with the artist to choreograph something to their music taking on board their requests and feedback.


Life got busy, as it tends to do, and I had to dial back on teaching to focus on my career in the late 2000s. But line dancing was always there in the background, waiting for the right moment to make a comeback.


That moment came in June 2023 when I moved to Townsville, QLD, and decided to start my own line dance company, Tropical Boots. It was a dream come true. I wanted to recreate the welcoming and supportive atmosphere I experienced when I first started line dancing.

Now, Tropical Boots is all about having a good time. We've got classes on Monday and Wednesday nights, and it's become a place where everyone feels like they belong.


Looking ahead, I've got big plans for Tropical Boots. I want to expand with more classes and host charity fundraisers to give back to the community. And maybe one day, we'll have our own annual event for a good cause.


Beyond the dance floor, I'm committed to supporting other local groups and lending a hand as an instructor or event host whenever needed.


Line dancing has been my rock through thick and thin. It's more than just a hobby; it's my happy place, my sanctuary.

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