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Charters Towers 2024

A collection of photo's from everyone who has provided them from the Charters Towers 2024 Line Dancing Weekend. The theme of this weekend was Arabian Nights. 

If you do not see your photos below, then you have not yet provided them. To add to the collection follow the below instructions. The site will then get updated over a few days with any new images. 

1 - Use the button below to bring up the website to share your photos and videos

2 - Click/Tap the "Browse" button on the page

3 - Select the photos and videos you want to share 

4 - Click/Tap the "Upload" button

5 - Now wait for all photos and videos to upload. It will say "uploaded" beside each one when done


TIP: Upload around 5 at a time. As you can always come back to Upload more later. 

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